The Best Adult Acne Skin Care Treatments – 5 Ways to Erase Adult Acne

Although there are some types of acne that affect younger people, adults are strangely the ones most affected by the skin condition. As a result, much research has been put into identifying the best adult acne skin care methods available. Here are some methods adults can use to combat the condition as well as the after effects:- Use over the counter treatments that help to kill bacteria and unclog pores. Many of these products contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, which are two key ingredients that are effective at killing acne-causing bacteria.- Prepare a mask of beaten egg whites, which can be applied to the face and left on for about 15 minutes. This is one of the best methods for adult acne skin care, because eggs contain protein that is effective at healing the skin.- Aloe vera is proven to be effective at preventing scars, as well as getting rid of existing ones caused by acne. It is simply applied by cutting the plant and rubbing its juices all over the face, specifically on the areas with scars. After about 10 minutes, it can be rinsed off. Once applied daily, you can expect to see great results in no time.- Laser treatment is also an effective technique for adult acne skin care treatment. This treatment is not the most inexpensive, but is certainly one of the most effective at reducing the likelihood of resurgence of acne, as well as getting rid of scarring.- Having a balanced and nutritious diet is quite underrated, but is very effective at treating acne in the case of adults. Consuming the right combination of nutrients will ensure that your body can combat the attacks of acne-causing antibodies.These are some of the best ways available for adults to treat their acne breakouts and enjoy healthy, clear skin.

Adult Acne – What Causes it Later in Life?

Acne is not a problem that is only confined to teenagers. Many men and women over the age of 30 have acne problems. Although the majority of people that are affected by acne experience it as teenagers there is still a small percentage of adults that get acne.Adult males tend to get acne half as frequently as adult women. Adults typically experience bouts of acne that are less severe than that experienced by teenagers but these acne breakouts are longer lived and take a while to subside. The general progression of acne outbreaks in adults follows a similar pattern to outbreaks among adolescents from blackheads to whiteheads to pimples and in severe cases cystic acne. Adult acne also appears in the same places as it does among adolescents; on the shoulders, face, neck and back. Causes of adult acne involve a few other factors apart from hormone levels and heredity.Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to acne outbreaks and this accounts for a large part of why adult women experience acne at almost double the rate of adult men. Pregnant women typically experience higher levels of androgens and hormones like progesterone and estrogen. Androgens are released from the adrenal glands and the ovaries and can cause the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum thereby starting the the progression of acne outbreaks when bacteria begin to accumulate in the sebum clogged follicles and pores. Apart from pregnancy women are also vulnerable to acne when they are affected by any event or period in life that causes sharp hormonal fluctuations like perimenopause, menopause, ovulation, menstruation and the use of birth control pills.In the later stages of life acne tends to be more connected with excess body weight and a high glycemic diet. Such a diet involves the eating of foods that contain relatively high levels of refined sugars and carbohydrates which result in quick swings in blood sugar levels and sharp rises and falls in the body’s insulin production. There are many illnesses in adults attributed to this abuse of the insulin system and one of them is acne. It is believed that these swings in blood sugar causes higher levels of hormone that drive sebum production.Red meat and milk are known to have certain hormone levels that may influence the production of sebum as well. Nutrition has a great deal to do with the aggravation of acne symptoms. Many of these relationships are not very clear but correlations can be drawn. A balanced diet that is low in foods with high glycemic effects and big on fresh fruits and vegetables can give a welcome boost to the performance of the best acne treatment products for adults. Among other causes of adult acne are bad cosmetics and stress. Although it is hard to pinpoint any singular cause of acne in adults, usually it is a combination of some of the causes mentioned above. Adult acne is just as treatable as any other but improvements to diet and reduction of stress levels are two intangibles that many adults report as reducing the severity of their outbreaks.

Tips on Treating Adult Acne

Some of us think that acne only occurs with people who are in their teens or young adults. But strange as it may seem, people also get affected when they are in their forties or even fifties. There are various reasons for adult acne, some of them include, hormonal imbalance, sebum secretion, hereditary factors, and food habits. Though there are several treatment options available which handle adult acne, there is no guarantee that adult acne would get cured completely. If you visit a dermatologist for treating adult acne, he or she would normally prescribe you drugs which also take in to consideration the condition of your skin. The underlying causes are usually diagnosed first to arrive at a therapy option and this is done via blood and urine tests. It is common to find adult acne being treated with the help of antibiotics but very severe cases may also need surgery. The doctor would be the best judge to decide on this and depending on the severity of the condition may suggest laser surgery. Before you start to take any self medication, adult acne is best treated after consultation with a dermatologist or your home physician.Talking about adult acne, it needs to be remembered that treating this condition would entirely depend of the severity of the individual cases. For instance, when the adult acne has been diagnosed as mild type, then the doctor may suggest several topical application creams and lotions containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic and glycolic acids. When the acne type has been diagnosed as a persistent variety, the doctor would resort to antibiotic therapy with tetracycline, erythromycin, and acutane. There have been numerous technological advances in the field of acne scar removal and removal of pimple marks so the doctor may also use methods like chemical peels and lasers in the treatment modality.These days the treatment option of adult acne is changing towards herbal treatment. Though it takes more time than other treatment modalities, herbal treatment of acne can be very effective both in the short and long term. Because of the fact that herbal acne treatment is without any side effects or even if there are they are very mild, a lot of people are choosing the herbal mode for treating adult acne. For instance, basil oil and tea tree oil have been known to be extremely effective in the treatment of adult acne. Of course it treats mild acne only. Of the prescription drugs which are available for adult acne, isotretinoin has been very popular with acne patients for its timely efficacy especially for treating severe forms of acne.Unfortunately many adult acne cases have not got cured completely, though it has been brought under control. If the concerned adult takes some definitive steps, he or she can get relief. For instance, face washing should always be very gently without any scrubbing. Even the diet for an adult acne patient should be carefully monitored completely banning all greasy and oily foods. Men should be extra cautious with their shaving razors as it can negatively impact existing acne.